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XEROlys 10

৳ 2,000.00


Product Description

XERO lys 10

Long-lasting emollient care – for VERY DRY SKIN

Moisturizing and re-lipidating body emulsion


The long-lasting emollient care XERO lys 10 hydrates durably the very dry skins and brings them immediately comfort, suppleness and calmness.

The URODIUM contained in XERO lys 10 is a patented active ingredient, developed by LYSASKIN, FRANCE research, which improves the moisturizing power of Urea (Hydration factor naturally present in the skin) dosed at 10% and especially its remanence (Very long-lasting action).


XERO lys 10 also contains active ingredients:
– moisturizers (Sodium Chloride, Glycerine , Lactic Acid, …),

– re-lipidants (shea butter, Jojoba oil, beeswax, apricot kernel oil, …) which make it possible to restore the hydro-lipid film and the barrier function of the skin,

– soothing (Allantoin, …),

– enriching and repairing (plant sterol, Squalane, Acetate de Tocophéryl, D-Panthenol, Borage oil …).


The type of emulsion Oil in Water brings a great comfort of use.

Easy to apply and lightly perfumed (the fragrance free of the 26 allergens incriminated by the European Community minimizes the risks of allergy) XERO lys 10 is suitable for adults and children (for infants and young children, consult your doctor) .


Capacities: Pump bottles of 500ml and 1.000ml


Indications: Intense droughts, Ichthyosis, Irritation Dermatitis, Pruritus Senile, Pruritus of Hemodialysis,


Directions for use:

Apply once or twice a day after bathing or showering


Contains no Lanolin derivatives
A transient stinging sensation associated with the activity and effectiveness of the product may be experienced at application.

Store below 25 ° C.


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